Attraction Marketing.. Simple Effective Strategy

Attraction Marketing.. Simple Effective Strategy

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Have you discovered the expression “attraction marketing” in your travels? There are Lots of people that have come across this concept and tried to implement it into their online business, unfortunately with little to no results. In this’ article I’ll be having a closer look at the concept of attraction marketing in the hope that I can produce some positive results for the implementation of this concept into your online business.

How awesome would it be to have customers lining up to get at what you have to offer, rather than needing to chase them for their cash? That’s what attraction marketing is all about, it’s straightforward, yet very effective strategy. Before reading the article you can also take a look at to elevate your business onto a whole new level. 

Attraction Marketing basics:

The basics of attraction marketing begins when you lead by providing value, instead of with your products, or opportunities. Your goal is to position yourself as an expert whenever people come searching for what you have to offer. You then aim to provide value to that person above everything else.

People come online every day in search for experts, mentors and/or authority figures. When you came online to make money, did you search for an authority figure to learn the ropes from? … it’s called mentor shopping. You have to position yourself as a leading expert within your niche and have people searching for what you have to offer. The reality is though, attraction marketing is a skill-set that must be learned, but, if you do put the time into understanding and implementing this technique to marketing within your business, you will easily increases your online income with very minimal effort.

The fundamentals of Attraction Marketing:

The fundamentals are quite straight forward theoretically. In practice though, it can be a little confusing for most marketers, simply because the whole principle of providing value before seeking any form of reward in return is without a doubt foreign to them. Your greatest objective should be to ALWAYS supply your prospects with value. Anything else is just going to get in the way of your progress. Consider all the big name online marketers out there at the moment. Are they providing massive value? Are they satisfying a demand in the market place? Are they experts in their niche? Do they over deliver again and again? Have they got raving fans willing to purchase their next product as soon as it’s released?

When your goal is to help other people get what THEY desire, you will see the identical thing being attracted into your life/business. If I sell a worthless product, I can be certain that customer is not going to be coming back. If I give advice that’s useless and helps no one, I can be sure I will not be attracting people to come hear what I have to say. I understand this all sounds very simplistic, but let me tell you, most marketers around are only wanting to make money. Their objective is nothing more than that … and with this out look they are failing massively.

I would rather give incredible value away free of charge to help people arrive at where they need to be. Only then could I expect these people to come back to me for more advice/services further down the road. Consider the power of this. Most people are normally attracted to authority figures and people they know can help them. This is why attraction marketing is very important in your online business. If you are just like every other marketer out there selling products, you will find it very difficult to stand out from the crowd. You NEED to have people searching for what you have to offer, instead of YOU chasing after them. Imagine that, people are actively searching for what you have to offer … what a contrast to how I see so many marketers doing it.

If you provide massive value to people they will return, tell their friends/family and share your stuff within their social communities. People love to buy stuff, they simply hate being sold to. Just give them what they want and over deliver every single time.

Important: Attraction Marketing is CERTAINLY NOT just about supplying great products to your prospects. It has a lot more to do with “YOU” and your relationship with your prospects. You have to be a person that others are attracted to. Like I mentioned previously, people look to authority figures for guidance. You must position yourself as that authority figure. If people trust you, they will listen to you, follow you and buy from you over and over again.

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