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facebookIf you do not have a Facebook Fan page you might be leaving traffic and profits on the table. I encourage you to take action and create one as soon as possible, here are the some top reasons why you should have a fan page for your business  now.

1) Traffic – Currently Facebook is the second most trafficked website in the world, second only to Google. The first rule of traffic that I learned on the Internet is to not chase after traffic. Find out where the traffic is going and get in front of it. Again, I must stipulate. the number 2 website in the world in terms of traffic.

2) 5000 vs. Unlimited – When you have just a Facebook Profile you are limited to only 5000 followers. While which will seem out of reach to you in the intervening time, as you grow you will need to have more room. An incredible advantage of a Fan Page is you’ll be able to have a vast number of fans and followers

3) You’ll be able to market – On your profile page you are discouraged from marketing. Actually, If you do it too much then you account could be suspended. On your Fan Page you are allowed to and even encouraged to market. Make sure you earn the respect and trust of your fans by offering value at all times.

4) Promote your Blog on Facebook  – With 750 million active users on the social networking site, there is huge potential as a blogger to connect to a wide community of readers who are keen to read your blog, once they’ve heard of it.

5) Frequency of communication – Over mailing your fans or “spamming” and you’re going to get fans leaving  in droves. Be considerate to your fans and only inform them of things of value within the chosen niche and you will not run the risk of  losing them.   As your updates present them selfs within the communication stream of your fans,your authority will grow and so will your page

6) Audio & Video – You can too include Audio and Video messages as well. This is a wise thing to do, as it turns your page into a multi-media site that communicates at many levels.

7) Viral Marketing – When you receive a LIKE a news feed goes on the profile wall of  your new fan to let their friends know they liked your site. When their friends click on the link on your new fans profile wall, the process repeats and you have a new fan and a new news feed goes on that fans profile wall and so on and so on… This is how your fan page begins to go viral.

This is the best ever time to start a Facebook fan page for your business. Put it off and you will have lost precious advertising minutes to millions of people all over the world. And the best thing about a Facebook fan page is that it is available to you for FREE. So don’t wait any longer and start the process of creating your own fan page today…

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