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Google, the most popular search engine, has announced its social network Google+ project recently. Google is actually a trend setter as it is very fast in creative development. In past, Google launches its social media source named Google Buzz but it does not got such popularity as other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WebberID etc. have. As some experts predicted that the social media was the search giant’s biggest threat now days. So, Google took it necessary to pay roll in social media game and provide services gently in this field too.

A social network provides fundamental interconnectivity of people using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Google+ includes variety of new grooming features including circle, Spark, Hangouts, Instant Upload and Huddle.

Google+ Circle Comparison: Google+ circle feature allows you to share different things with different people. With its superb drag and drop interface it is quite easy to create new circles and put people in separate circles e.g. Family, Office, and Friends etc. Facebook, most popular social media, has the same feature in different shape like Friend lists and Groups. You can create and put different people in different lists. These lists and groups allow you to chat with whole group and also in group messaging. The main difference seems in user interface as Facebook have lists works manually and Google+ posts has drag and drop interactive interface. According to my point of view, majority will prefer interactive interface rather than manual one.

Broadcasting Service:Broadcasting service let you to expose yourself as a celebrity as more people like your page, more you get popular. Different social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc. provides such services. Facebook Provides fan page service for celebrities and allows their fans to join their page and communicate with them. Twitter also provides same broadcasting service so you can follow your favorite one. Google+, perhaps, made its circles shareable. Although, it is not obvious as large degree network engagement is significantly harder.

+1 Button: Different social networks have their own buttons to like or share something over the web. Google+ has also launched its +1 button and made it operational that helps users to prioritize search results socially. Facebook, Twitter, Flicker etc. have their like buttons and working successfully.

Group Video Chat: Group Video chat is a unique feature includes in Google+ Hangout feature that no other social network have. This feature has a lot of attraction for people to be a user of Google+. And it covers group chat index too with its huddle feature.

Friends, Followers & Off-Network Friends: Different social networks allow you to share and follow your favorite one. Google+ also provides such stuff for better social interconnectivity. Google+ allows you to follow someone in better way as you can only see what they choose to share with everyone publicly. Google+ have enough functionalities to compete different social networks especially Facebook. Now, the question arises ‘will Google+ pass good and bad aspects test with this social approach?’ Probably it can.

Although, it’s their limited round to test this project with outsider reviews.Its first attempt in shape of Google buzz hasn’t worked successfully, but, this giant and unique approach of Google+ is seems to be worked perfectly in future. The sooner they have this sorted out, the better their chances of realizing large scale participant and marketer transition. From my side, it seems that Google+ will recreate the definition of social media.


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